Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

The Big Red Door

So, what is The Big Red Door?

The Open Doors Big Red Door (BRD) is an actual door that is 7ft. 1 inch tall! It stands as a symbol of inclusivity, welcoming each individual in his/her/zir authentic glory! One could say that our partners and program have “opened doors” for students, faculty, and staff, giving a warm welcome to anyone who wants to be part of the Buckeye Community. Now, we can showcase and celebrate that inclusivity with the traveling BRD!

Why did you get a BRD?

We asked for this door because we wanted to have a way for the Open Doors Program to be present at Diversity Enhancing and Ally Events in the Multicultural Center and across the university in a way that symbolizes that the Ohio State events are open and inclusive to all and that we are working every day at the Ohio State University to reduce bias and honor all members of our community.

But... what can I do with the BRD?

You can reserve it for your event!

Come pick it up! Open it! Take pictures with it! Give hugs inside of it! The BRD is there to celebrate you for being you and for being an ally for someone else.

This door sounds amazing! Who can borrow it and how much does it cost to rent?

Anyone can use this door for an OSU sponsored programming event. There is no charge for using it. All that we ask is that you transport it and protect it from damage while it is in your care.

I love the BRD! How can I use it for my event?

Contact the Open Doors staff at (, for any inquiries about the door.

Click here for the terms and agreement for borrowing the BRD (Word Document).