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Open Doors Training

What is the Open Doors training?

Open Doors is a 4 hour awareness and educational program out of The Ohio State University, Office of Student Life Multicultural Center. In the first two hours, participants come to understand personal bias and the societal impacts bias has on the Ohio State community. In the second two hours, participants are given concrete tools on how to address bias and connect people to University support services.

How do I get training to become an Open Doors Partner?

You can become an Open Doors Partner in two ways:

  1. You can come to an open session of Open Doors, the dates can me found on the Open Doors main page toward the bottom under training sessions. All members of the OSU community are welcome, no need to sign up! 
  2. You can request a training for a group see request a training button below. Groups can request Open Doors in one 4-hour block or in two 2 hour sections that are spread out over two days.

NOTE: To get certified as an Open Doors Partner you must go through all 4 hours of the training.

Request a training:

If you are looking for a training that is shorter and revolves around diversity and inclusion please check out Buck-Identity Workshops