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Open Doors Partner

What do Open Doors Partners do?

  • They make themselves known to the community by placing the Open Doors Insignia in a visible space.
  • They are people who are ready and willing to engage in a discussion around bias and support individuals who are witnesses to or experience bias.
  • They adhere to confidentiality while honoring personal and professional obligations to ensure the health and safety of those needing support while upholding university policy and expectations.
  • They are always learning and growing around diversity and equity to better equip themselves for supporting people who might come to them as Open Doors Partners.
  • They are NOT experts in social justice or diversity work, but they ARE knowledgeable about resources and referring people to those resources.


Open Doors Partner Commitments

  • Read and know your resources:
    • Open Doors Website
    • B.A.R.T Website
    • Open Doors Materials and Handouts (with emphasis on knowing the resource list)
  • Continue your education, below are a few options offered at The Ohio State:
    • D.I.C.E (Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement) Training
    • Social Justice Education and Multicultural Center Educational Programing
    • Safe Zone Training
    • R.E.A.C.H Training
    • HESA 2577: Crossing Identity Boundaries: A Journey Towards Intercultural Leadership
  • Report any acts of bias you experience or witness to B.A.R.T, remember you or anyone else can always submit anonymously. The more reports of bias incidents that are happening on campus, the more B.A.R.T. can help to educate around bias and what is going on around our campus. (Add link).
  • If at any point you feel someone you are speaking with is a harm to themselves or others, please contact appropriate resources, such as the Counseling and Consultation Services 614-292-5766 or 911.
  • Utilize the Program Specialist for Open Doors/B.A.R.T. for any questions or help needed (614-688-8449) or Hannah