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Mission & Goals

Open Doors Mission


Open Doors program is an awareness and educational program out of The Ohio State University, Office of Student Life Multicultural Center. The program is designed to create a more inclusive campus by increasing participants’ knowledge about bias, its effect on the campus community, how to address bias, and how to best support those experiencing bias.


The intent of this program is to acknowledge that acts of bias occur at Ohio State and help individuals and communities find support, resources, and education on bias. People in the Ohio State community will be certified as Open Doors Partners after participating in a four-hour training and signing The Open Doors Partner Agreement.


Open Doors is also the first step to maintaining the Ohio State Bias Assessment and Response Team (B.A.R.T) reporting system. Open Doors seeks to normalize reporting of bias on campus so that B.A.R.T. can utilize that information to better serve the campus wide community in addressing bias as an institution. By teaching community members to report to B.A.R.T. through Open Doors, we are able to better assess campus climate and ongoing trends and make OSU a supportive and inclusive community. In a world where issue of diversity and inclusion are constantly in flux, Open Doors provides a flexible and adaptable platform for the Ohio State community to learn to confront bias.




  1. Educate The Ohio State community around issues of bias in an attempt to create a more equitable and inclusive environment at the university
  2. Provide a grounding for individuals to understand the role that self-reflection plays in understanding our biases and engaging in anti-bias work in the community 
  3. Provide Open Doors Partners the basic tools to:
    1. Interrupt acts of bias as they are happening
    2. Support people who experience or witness bias
    3. Have educational conversations with people in the community about bias
    4. Be able to refer people to resources on campus and in the community
  4. To further educate around and remove the stigma of reporting incidents of bias and promote the use of the Bias Assessment Response Team (B.A.R.T reporting system